Sunday, August 17, 2008

Ty Visiting the "Little Temple" + a Song for Everyone!

This past weekend, Rachel's cousin was married in the Manti Temple. While nearing Manti, we kept trying to get Ty to notice the temple, only to hear him yell out, "Look! A tractor, mom/dad!" Anyhow, I guess the Manti Temple has a small building near the actual temple where they let the kids jump around, watch church cartoons, eat fudge sickles, drink lemonade from the drinking fountains, let them play Playstation 3, have them throw darts across the room at a small dart board, let them race go-carts around the parking lot, and many other wholesome activities. While nearing the temple's kidland building, Ty is yelling, "Dad, can we go in the temple?!" He ran up to the kids' center door, opened it and just ran inside. We then had to explain that it was just a "little temple" and that his parents had to go in the big temple while some cousins watched he and Shawn.

While waiting around for the sealing to start, I recorded him singing a couple songs. He's turning 3 years in late October and still loves to learn new songs. Here's one I thought would be fun to have on hand...

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Marie said...

I can't believe how big your"little" guy is, so handsome !
I knew you would be the best Mom ever & look you ARE!
I will love you forever,because you loved Dylan and of course because
you were my "shrink" !! :)
Thanks for commenting on my blog . I just love to see your name , makes me smile!