Friday, September 24, 2010


So this is clear back to the 4th of July. Here the kids are at the Provo Parade. I couldn't be more proud that the kids can do the splits. That was always a goal of mine growing up.
The other part of the parade that I loved was when the beauty queens would go by Ty would try to yell up to them, "We don't like princesses because we are boys."

That night we went to Fox Field to see the stadium fireworks. I love this picture of Shawn!

Moving on, we made sure we had our traditional tin foil dinner up the canyon.

We also had a few injuries this summer. Ty fell riding a tricycle and had huge goose egg. Shoulda had on a helmet, sorry Ty, won't happen again.

We also got in our annual camping trip. We had such a fun time fishing, rangering, cooking, and just being together. This is the kids with their smores.

We made a dutch oven pizza, it was super easy and super good.

This is Ty's first fish! It was so exciting when he caught it, although he did have to exercise some patience. Ethan also caught a fish or should I say 3. He knew he had something on his line and when he pulled it out of the water there were 3 fish. Crazy! We have video of it if you don't believe us.

And finally a little more current, this is Ty's first day of preschool. His teacher is Miss Ann and he is loving school! He really loves to learn. Just today I told him I missed him while he was gone and he said, "Well, I need to learn to read and write." Shawn is really the one who misses Ty while he is a preschool. He is always asking when we are going to get him.

Also if you didn't notice the side bar, we are expecting! The due date is March 4th. We'll find out next month if it's a boy or a girl.