Saturday, February 26, 2011

The New Guy's Arrival

We're very blessed. Late Thursday night our little boy was born at American Fork Hospital. He was 7lbs, 0 ounces and 18 inches tall. He's doing very well!

Rachel had labor pains/contractions about 15 minutes apart all through Wednesday night but was able to fall asleep for a couple hours after they subsided. I was surprised when she woke up later and said, "I think today might be the day." I think we both thought: 'What!? He can't come today! He'd be eight days early. We have too much to do between now and the due date. We'd planned everything out to have him NOT come today!'Rachel decided she'd be able to hold off a water break and closer contractions if she continued with her plans to go to her mom's for the day in Salt Lake. I had meetings in SLC that same afternoon. So when I arrived at Rachel's parents by 6 p.m., Rachel's discomfort had increased enough to the point where she decided we'd better head back home and make arrangements for my sister to come stay with the boys.
We headed to AF Hospital, arriving about 8 p.m. Rachel was dilated to a six. She got an epidural and progressed rapidly, delivering a healthy boy just before 11 p.m. He's been eating pretty well. We're grateful to have a nursery to send him to in between feedings at night!

The hospital has been super good to us. We really want to thank Bella Baby Photography for taking these pictures, too. Click on "View Photos," then type in password 0224babyshumway.
You can go there to view an auto slide show of the album.
Again, we're very fortunate to have him. There's nothing like experiencing the arrival of a new child.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Shawny is 3!

This is one fun kid! We are so glad to have him. He is such a wild boy! He loves all things boy, but can be so sweet too. For his birthday he got a new bike which actually caused an emotional break down because Ty got some new pajamas. "I'm just so sad, will you rock me?" Sometimes you just can't win.

Basketball Class

Here they are stretching out before class begins. On the first class they held each stretch while counting to 10, except for Shawn. He insisted on holding the stretch for 11 seconds. There was this really loud "11" at the end of each one.So the coaches complied and they did 11 jumping jacks instead of 10.
Ty is really enjoying basketball this year. He has really improved a lot. He is so good at dribbling and passing.
Shawn is a great shooter and doesn't really see the point of dribbling when everyone could really just kick the ball around.
These boys are also the only ones in the class that put the basketballs in their shirts and tell everyone they have a baby in their tummy. It's been fun and so fun for them to do the class together!


Christmas was great this year. Here are the boys waiting for their breakfast so they can see what Santa brought. We had cinnamon rolls, eggs and hot chocolate. Shawn was most excited about his pillow pet. He also got a razor scooter. He was so much fun to watch this year. He was just so excited. Ty had a hard time coming up with something he really wanted. He got a Mack truck, which he really loves and a T-ball set. It was a great holiday season. We really enjoyed Ethan's break from school.