Sunday, April 12, 2009

Easter Celebrations

First we colored our eggs. This year we decided to do a little more than just color. It was fun. I don't think I can throw them away.

This is Ty at the Easter egg hunt in Cedar City. Aunt Mary's family has been so kind to invite us to join them. He loved it!
Shawn also enjoyed the hunt! He just crawled around and put every piece of candy he could find in his mouth. Then his parents realized the candy was gum. Check out that wod!
We had a great time in Cedar. It was so fun to see the family and play and visit at the church. We usually go to Zion, but it was bad weather. I grew up going to Cedar and Zion for Easter, it is a much loved tradition.
Ty on Easter morning before church. The Easter bunny has been delayed because he would not eat his oatmeal this morning, but he's still happy.
Oh Shawn, could you get any cuter!

Happy Easter everyone!