Monday, September 29, 2008

Getting to know Shawn

This is awesome. Shawn gets rides from Ty in the stroller. Keeps both of them happy and busy.
This means he is hungry.

Already getting into things! He knocks over our "ghost tree" about 3 times a day.
Boy do we love this little guy!

Friday, September 19, 2008

She's Fa-reakin' Awesome!

I'm pretty lucky to have my girl, Rachel! Have you ever seen a birthday cake for a grown, slightly overweight guy, look as good as this?? Holy cow, it was cool. Rachel worked really hard to make it a great birthday for me, and I really appreciate all her hard work. She woke up early and made me a great breakfast, brought the kids over to work so we could all go to lunch and even made Ty wear signs on the front and back of his shirt that read, "My Dad is 29 today!" (which he loved, by the way.)

She made an awesome dinner and then surprised me by getting me some golf cliz-ubs. She pretty much riz-ocks the hiz-ouse!

Thanks so much for all you do, babe. I've got a lot of planning to do over the next two weeks when your big day comes!