Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Cool Under Pressure

So congrats to Ethan! He is graduating! Officially he will be done with his MBA on June 18. We are so so excited. It's been a long road though. Some how he was able to juggle a lot of things. I still don't understand how his head has not exploded by now. I guess he was blessed like the baby he heard about, whose middle name is Jimmer, to be cool under pressure. Seriously though he and our family was so blessed these last 2 years. While getting his MBA Ethan got a promotion at work which was so wonderful, but added some time and stress, he was made 2nd counselor in the bishopric, made 1st counselor in bishopric, his wife had #3 baby, he was made bishop, and then his wife went a little crazy (baby hormones+RSV+bishop wife=crazy) for 3 weeks. Maybe I am still a little crazy but doing much better. Anyway, he is so amazing, how he has been able to manage everything. Even now with him being bishop he is still able and willing to help me so much at home. I know he is stressed and tired but I still feel like his #1 priority and I know the boys do too. We love you hun! Thanks for taking care of us!