Sunday, July 27, 2008

Our Twenty-Fourth

July 24th was a great day to spend with just our little family. We didn't do a whole lot until the evening until we decided to have a picnic at Fox Field (the open field just east of 300 West). It's kinda become our little spot when we want a place to hang out outside of the house. Our own yard doesn't quite work because we're uncertain as to the whereabouts of razor blades, nails, cigarette buts and shards of glass undoubtedly still in our yard -- all leftover from construction and demolition crews who worked on the house before we moved in.

Anyhow...we had Kneaders for dinner and tested Rachel and Ty's project: The Reflector Oven!
We got some supplies for Smores (s'more of what?) and went to it. It worked really well! Ty, of course, could not let the thing alone. Every time we took a break from eating to check on the treat, Ty would manage to rearrange the set up. It was funny.

After we had our dinner, we decided to light some fireworks in front of our house. It was fun, all until we broke out the sparklers. Dad was pretty dumb not to light a sparker first himself to show Ty how sparklers are "not something to freak out at." No, he had to have Ty hold one to experience it firsthand. Anyway, Rachel was there to catch all the catastrophic action with the camera. This shot below was taken right as Ty was freaking out. Ty didn't think to let go of the sparkler before jabbing it into his neck and hand. Dad was able to knock it out of his hand, but not before Ty got burned pretty good on his neck and thumb. But, he's really a tough kid and wasn't bothered by the small burns within a few minutes. We've been watching them close, putting some medicine and band aids on them (much to Ty's approval) and he should be all healed within a few days.Anyhow, back to the reason we celebrate the 24th...we're lucky to both have some great fore bearers who've made incredible sacrifices and strides of strength and faith to help care for their families. We can only hope to do our best to raise a good family and start our own sort of legacy.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Glasses

I just wanted to say how glad I am some people remembered the glasses. They were a source of a lot of fun. It's been a long time since I dressed up as a nerd or a libarian.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Cute Kid & Growing too Fast!

Rachel brought out some old glasses she used for fun back in school and, of course, Ty had to try them on! We did his hair all slick-lookin and it made for some funny photos.

Ty has been carrying around a little teddy bear friend through the house. He has some good conversations with the thing and loves to have us dress him and talk to him. Anyway, we went to BYU's Bean Museum tonight for family night. Upon seeing the large taxidermied bears at the museum, he was pretty impressed. Rachel said, "That's teddy bear's great, great grandpa." About the only thing he wanted to do the rest of our visit there was "go see teddy bear's great, great grandpa, mom!"

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Comcast came today!

We are back! We're still working on getting all settled in the house, but pretty close. This is by far the craziest summer I have ever had, but things are going well. We miss all of you in Cedar, a ton, but we're excited to be close to our friends here! The following posts are some pictures of whats been going on.

Happy 4th of July!The Kellis Reunion!
Just love that smile!
Shawn falling over on the couch and just falling asleep.Ty and his fee-lo in the children's parade.

The hot air balloons on the 4th.
Dad and Ty going for a scooter ride on the 4th.
Shawn taking a nap outside at Grandma and Grandpa Shumways.