Sunday, August 14, 2011

This Summer

Just the other day I was writing a note to our grandma's telling them of all things we've done this summer. I realized it's been a pretty memorable time in our family and I wanted to put down some of those things here so they aren't forgotten. There are pictures of some stuff below.

We camped out in the back yard for one night.
Roasted hot dogs a few times
Eli started giggling, solid foods, and rolling over.
Shawn learned to ride his bike without training wheels.
Ty cut Shawn's hair one Sunday morning. (Pictures below.)
We went to Bear Lake for a Shumway Reunion.
We went to Cedar City for a Seaman Reunion.
We made some festive dipped strawberries for the Fourth.
Eli got to see his first Freedom Festival Hot Air Balloon show.
Eli did not start sleeping through the night.
The friend who lives nearby taught my sweet little babies to say an awful word.
Ty was playing prince and princess wedding with a little girl and they kissed.
The boys went to their first play, "The Emperor's New Clothes".
Ty and Shawn both played baseball.
Ty lost both his front teeth.
We did 4 weeks of swimming lessons and the boys got so much better.
During swim class, Shawn slipped off the step where he could stand in the water. The teacher was pretty far away from him so I had to jump in, in my clothes, to rescue him. So embarrassing, but worth it.

Lots of memories. This is such a precious time with these boys!