Monday, May 18, 2009

The Lastest

Sorry we have been a bit absent from our blog. So here's whats been going on with us for the last few months. Shawn learned how to give me kisses. It's the best.
He also, on the other hand, has developed an anger issue. He can throw some awesome tantrums.

Asleep at lunch time.
An example of the anger. Do not even think about taking this sock out his mouth. You will pay.
So Abercrombie, if you start a children's clothing line, call me.

Ty has been in a basketball and baseball class.
Right now he is obsessed with keys and pajamas. When he gets put down for a nap he makes sure to put on all his pjs (sometimes Shawn's) before finally falling asleep.
Today I found him naked in the backyard peeing wherever he thought it would be cool to do so.
Ty also has his own way of describing things, for example, "look mom those merican flags are not winding right now." Also, "Dad, I wiped Shawns crying things off his face."(Tears)

Ethan is so very busy. He was called as 2nd councelsor in the bishopric and still working hard on school.

Rachel is all registered for the Provo River Trail Half Marathon in August. So excited about it!!

We finally got our house in Cedar City rented out!
That's it!